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Mera Parcel is a Product by Amaze Courier pvt. Ltd. , basically works on Instant Pickup-Instant Delivery concept. Infrastructure with the introduction of online tracking ensuring that we can continue to handle your product with greater speed precision, and bring cost effective product delivery to the masses, so we are best placed to meet the rapid growth in demand within the express product delivery market.

If you're looking for B2B Delivery Service In Delhi NCR with cost effective, reliable, quick and efficient Hyperlocal delivery services , then Mera Parcel will have your pickup and delivery completed within time. When you want to send a product, a delivery service that prides itself on offering all this and more, is what Mera Parcel is all about.

Mera Parcel delivery Service is intercity delivery’s parcel collection service and offers a fully online concept, meaning you can book a courier collection online and Mera Parcel will deal with your delivery quickly and professionally. We also offer parcel tracking to all clients and customers, meaning you can see exactly where your parcel is in real time.

Why Mera Parcel?

We are not ordinary delivery or logistics service Company. We are your helping hand, we give door to door service at very minimal cost. You just send your important paper/parcel in just few click. We give Ultra-fast speed delivery service into the city. We understand your parcel is important and we handle with care. Our professional delivery team take care, so that we can give you the best service to our customers.

Our Key Features

Same Day delivery service

On Demand Delivery Service

Secure & Safe

Customer Support


The advantage of using Meraparcel over using other standard delivery services is that you'll avoid traffic, queues,time, parking and high parcel delivery prices and most imporatantly you will get same day urgent delivery service at your location. You can trust us to deliver your parcels. and your promises at home and abroad taking the same care that you would yourself. We're equipped with the latest .technology and you'll discover that good quality can also be good value. We offer a wide rane of value for money services delivering and setting the standard for exceptional quality of service. We provide fast courier delivery service to every address of Delhi/NCR.

So as a customer you're in control: We'll pick up from your door and deliver at the place where you want to deliver.

We can reach every home and office 24*7
Recipients can also pick up from our nearest local designated place
You can track your parcels in real time. If you feel like writing to us about your tasks, improvements or just a friendly hello, drop in a mail at, and we shall get back to you

How We Work?

Our professional will handle your parcel with the new techno based application. Delivery boy will collect the parcel from pickup location and deliver it to the place where you want to deliver intracity (With in Delhi NCR). You can track your order in real time.
We also works for bulk ordeis, for that, we are bringing you the"MP Bag Pack' services.
In this cateqory. customer can use the full delivery bag and can request delivery of different orders to ditferent location in one go up to 20KG.


To be customers first choice for instant pick up and deliveries of any product through innovative and reliable service in metropolitan and further PAN India.


Our mission is to be a quality and efficient delivery service brand in the market. We want best, cost effective, ultra-fast, efficient and reliable delivery service to individual user. user.


Trust and trarnsparency
Mutual Respect
Customer Orientation
Quality support

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